Has your smile become dull, stained, or discolored? If so, you may benefit from internal tooth bleaching from our dentists at Dental Specialists of Weston. Much like traditional teeth whitening, this treatment brightens your smile, but it also fights the staining that lies beneath the surface, thus helping your new, whiter smile last longer. If you are interested in learning more about our internal tooth bleaching in Weston, Florida, we invite you to contact us at 954-349-4993 and schedule your appointment with Dr. Llavona and Dr. Oliver.

Time, lifestyle habits, and staining foods can cause your teeth to become yellow, stained, or discolored. For some people, this can be enough to make them self-conscious about sharing their smile. If this has happened to you, then you may benefit from a teeth whitening treatment. Traditional teeth whitening can brighten your smile, but it only works by whitening the outer surface of the teeth. Internal tooth bleaching, on the other hand, is just as it sounds. This treatment focuses on bleaching the inside of the tooth, thus making the outer layers appear whiter.

The process of internal tooth bleaching varies depending on a variety of factors, such as whether the tooth is stained from a previous treatment, such as a root canal, or if it is stained because it needs a root canal. If your tooth is stained due to an untreated internal infection, our dentists will first perform a root canal to restore your tooth’s health. Before placing your filling or crown after your root canal treatment, we will insert a bleaching agent that will change the tooth’s color from the inside out. In most cases, this bleaching agent will remain in place for about two weeks, after which you will return to our practice to ensure your treatment is going well.

If you have already received a root canal, our dentists will drill a small hole to access the inner layers of the tooth and insert the bleaching agent. Patients may also receive a take-home bleaching tray for more thorough and even results.

If your smile has become dull over time, we encourage you to contact our practice and learn about your whitening options. Our team is here to help you feel confident about showing off your smile!