For patients who have received a root canal treatment in the past, our dentists at Dental Specialists of Weston offer post and core procedures to help stabilize your new restoration. This procedure is completely painless, as all nerves have previously been removed from your root canal. Even so, Dr. Llavona and Dr. Oliver will ensure that you remain comfortable and that your treatment is successful. To learn whether you could benefit from a post and core procedure in Weston, Florida, we invite you to contact us today at 954-349-4993.

A post and core procedure is a treatment that can only be performed on teeth that have previously been treated with a root canal. A post and core is a small dental prosthetic device that can be used to help an insufficient tooth structure support a dental restoration, such as a dental crown. This dental prosthetic consists of two parts. The post is a small, metal rod that is inserted into the tooth’s root space. The top of the post will protrude slightly from the top of the root structure and is used to hold the core. The core can be made of a composite material or metal, and it is used to replace missing tooth structure. Once it place, it works to hold the restoration, or crown, in place.

In order for a dental restoration, such as a crown, to remain in place and function properly, it is essential that there is enough tooth structure to support it. However, if a tooth has become too worn down or damaged to provide sufficient support, the crown can become dislodged. To prevent this, our dentists can insert a post and core to stabilize your crown. Generally, a post and core will be needed if more than half of the toot’s natural structure is missing.

If you have received a root canal and find that your dental crown is not stabilized, we encourage you to visit our practice and learn if you need a post and core.